Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daily 5 and The CAFE

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ... did I mention LOVE?.... using the Daily 5 framework and The CAFE Book for our reading/language arts. My instructional coach introduced this last year and I can not wait to start it again this year. For those of you who want 1/2 the work to do and 3 times the student progress, at least buy the Daily 5 book by Joan Moser and Gail Boushey (the "two sisters"). You will never spend your conference, before school, or after school creating any type of "center" or file folder game or ANYTHING for reading/language arts. I have even incorporated the framework of the Daily 5 into my math and somewhat into my science time. It not only is great for classroom management, but truly helps you individualize your instruction based on the needs of each individual student while getting the concepts you need to teach to everyone done also! Anyway, enough of my rant. Just read the books and you will be hooked!

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  1. Hello! My literacy coach introduced us to the Daily 5 this year. I LOVE it, too!! What grade do you teach? Do you mind sharing with me how you have incorporated the Daily 5 into math?? I think that's a great idea - would like to know how you've done it! Thanks.